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one can smile on the outside

but be crying from within

Sohma Kisa
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{ just } the basics
Character Name: Sohma Kisa
Canon Source: Fruits Basket
Age: Ten (10)
Present Location: Central Neisenma
Residential time: Two years and a few months
Occupation: House-maid / trophy
Sexual Orientation: Undecided

Listed weapons and magical abilities:
Kisa has the ability to transform into the tiger of the chinese zodiac; when she is embraced by the opposite sex, or under a great amount of sex, she changes into a petite version of the striped feline, but is still able to use human speech.
{ and } then a little more
Basic Personality: Kisa is easily defined as a timid, if not introverted, young girl. Unusually shy, she tends to speak in soft tones, very generous in her mannerisms, and generally places another's priority before her own. Genuinely concerned for those around her, she's very observant in how another may react, and is often strongly empathetic in the face of conflict. If injury happens to occur, she will not hesitate to assist them in any manner, wishing to only sooth their pain. Kisa is also a very dreamy individual, highly sensitive to the emotional turmoil that surrounds her. She, under most circumstances, is seen to be polite and gentle, unable to participate in bullying or defensive nature.

She tends to avoid squabbling if at all possible, and does not handle criticism well. With fairly fragile feelings, she frequently finds herself wounded by another's words, though it may not intentionally meant to harm her. She dwells on her mistakes, attempting to learn from them, and will do what she can to avoid their re-occurrence in the future.

Despite these troubling natures, she tries to optimistic no matter the circumstances, a warm smile gracing her soft features. She fails to see the worse in people, overlooking their darker qualities in light for their strengths, embracing their empowering characteristics in hopes of encouraging them. Rather selective in what she notices, she's sometimes oblivious to issues that may consume her, having repressed these thoughts in favor of different ideas.
{ what's } next?
Kisa first arrived in Central Neisenma some two years and a few months previous, lost in the city that never sleeps. Overwhelmed by her surroundings, the young girl of eight years had struggled to find a refuge from the excitement, though only managed to come up empty-handed. It did not seem as though a child of her unique ability would be accepted, much less adopted into a home of nurture and love.

Far from independent, Kisa fought for her survival, picking up odd jobs to make her ends meet, hardly managing to scrape through even the most trivial ordeals; her distress would only mount as her dismay grew, and she realized that unless the situation concerning her present life changed, she would surely die. Fairly soon, she frequented her human form less often, and discovered herself as a tiger - much to her confusion.. But it was an easily accepted matter once she acknowledged the warmth she could gain as a feline.

Whether it were a fortunate or unfortunate adjustment, Kisa was discovered by a man who called himself "Masoho," starved and barely alived in her animal form. Fostered into his care, the hidden girl slowly regained her strength within a matter of days, though she said naught of her other person. Rather, it discovered by accident, the young female thought she would be tossed out upon the streets... And yet he agreed to keep her upon a list of terms.

For what time Kisa's ability was discovered, she never once uttered a word, entirely silent with her dismay as she grew to discover what sort of person Masoho was. Though kind and gentle under some mannerisms, it was his carnal appetite that concerned her, and she surrounded herself with manual labor otherwise expected of an older woman. Cleaning, cooking, taking care of his laundry, she engulfed herself with her work, gradually gaining the comfort needed to speak once again, and equally able to maintain a smile.

A charm was purchased for her to supress the feline tranformation, though even it would contain its limits; for now, she remains with Masoho, whom she affectionately calls Soho-san, living in Central as his "maid" and trophy, eagerly following the movement known as Anti-Shinra.